Singh. A Sikh journey by Amit and Naroop

When I was 17, I carried with me an orange indian scarf with golden details in the edges everywhere I went. It was a gift from an Indian friend to my mother. One day, I was sitting at the beautiful Terreiro do Paço, in Lisbon, right in the middle of the square. I picked my scarf and wrapped it around my head, and opened my book only to be stopped by a shadow. I looked up and there was a beautiful Sikh, with a perfect orange turban. He smiled, put his hands together and slightly bowed his head. I smiled and bowed back. We did not exchange a word. But what we “said” stayed with me forever.

So today, when I stumbled upon Amit and Naroop’s Singh: The beard and the turban, this memory was evoked in an almost spiritual way.  loving memory and it was evident that this was a post to share.

Ishtmeet Singh Phull - Student

Ishtmeet Singh Phull – Student

Singh Narvir - Filmaker

Singh Narvir – Filmmaker

Darshan Singh Bhooi - Retired Businessman

Darshan Singh Bhooi – Retired Businessman

Gurbir Singh - Polo Player

Gurbir Singh – Polo Player

Hardeep Singh Kohli - Comedian, Writer, Presenter

Hardeep Singh Kohli – Comedian, Writer, Presenter

Satpal Singh

Satpal Singh

Chaz Singh Fliy - Creative Director

Chaz Singh Fliy – Creative Director

Amit and Naroop born and raised in London, both Sikhs, have been working together in many creative photography projects. This one came to live thanks to their own backgrounds, to their beliefs and passions, to their awareness of a strong bearded man image represented throughout the fashion industry. Singh Project was created. Amit and Naroop went on a search for inspiring Sikhs in London, focusing on the art of their beards, their turbans and their identities.

A&N_Singh_BehindthecenesVisit their page and watch their video here: to understand their project, see the rest of the photos and learn more about their creative work.

I had always been in love with India, the Indian culture and hope that one day my life will go through there in some extent. What happened 13 years ago is a lasting memory and through Amit and Naroop beautiful work, it did, somewhat, come alive.

Love, Petra


All image rights belong to Amrit and Napoor. Photos from their website.