The Bloomsbury Girls – Burberry Prosum Fall 2014

This week I misplaced my phone charger, so, for one entire day I could not be contacted by anyone. Guess what? It was liberating. This obviously made me think, yet again, about how much this digital era has been changing how we do things, how we communicate and, above all, how we live. Every now and then we need to give a human touch to the things we do, to what we create, and to how we relate to others. 

The fashion industry is no stranger to the overwhelming digital presence from creation to catwalk. Digital seems to be the door to an endless world of answers, solutions and results. Still, that is not the only option and it certainly is not a With Digital vs Without Digital. Perhaps with that in mind, Christopher Bailey, the ultimate Burberry golden boy, got his team literally hands down on their 2014 Fall collection The Bloomsbury Girls.


When asked about the atmosphere at the studio while the work was being done, Bailey expressed a clear excitement with the collection and mentioned that with each completed piece, after long hours of hand-painting, the team rejoiced. With hand-made work there is no way you can ensure perfect copies, which alone created the intend rush of creation. Bags, purses, scarfs, trench coats, dresses. A world of beautifully hand painted pieces.

The graceful and dreamy beauty of each piece is undeniable and, I might add, unquestionable. A reflection that our hands have multiple hidden talents, and that whenever there is a creative mind behind an also creative process, the sky is really the limit. The details of these pieces are a reflection of that mind-set and of the talent that has been streaming along at the Burberry House.

It is, however, worth mentioning that Bailey is not a stranger to the digital role in the industry. In fact, as he took over the Chief Creative Officer role at Burberry, he made sure the brand became the Industry’s Internet Leader. In spite of that, or perhaps because of that, in this collection Bailey proves, once again, why at such a young age he has been offered such a coveted position in one of the leading luxury retail brands. (Read more about in Bloomberg’s article, here.)

One step ahead, Bailey presents an inspiring collection entirely hand painted, proving that the “digital luxury” brand is also the “handmade luxury” brand.

Perhaps, and similarly to so many other things in life, the secret is keeping it all balanced: digital with handmade; creativity and inspiration will always find their way, and, at times, one that does not necessarily collide and that brings out something new.

Check the full collection at And visit Burberry page to be blown away by this collection.

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