A fashion foot in Africa

It is funny to see how our origins catch up with us.

Born and raised in Portugal, a significant part of my family is from Africa, the most exotic member was my Boer great-grandmother – which explains my love for the Dutch!

She had a caramel-dark chocolate skin color, big eyes and long fingers with perfect nails. That was long before the gel-nails came about. I remember that I loved the way she looked. The hair pieces in african print fabrics, her maxi monochrome dresses and her wrinkled skin that still possessed the beauty of her young years.

Today, my parents are in Angola and my Mother keeps bringing home african fabrics for my “designs”. Where do I get inspired? Here:

And I believe it is safe to say, that I am not the only getting inspired. Brands, designers have been incorporating these prints and tribal accessories in their looks. And this is how the looks are walking down the streets…

Perhaps we are travelling back to our roots and origins to find a more authentic creativity and inspiration. Either way, I am keeping it close.

Be inspired too this weekend : )