Beauty: Showing off your Lips!

I have full lips! And I love them!

My chinese friend in Utrecht used to call them “Angelina Jolie Lips”, in Brasil they call it “Bocão” (big mouth/lips), in Portugal they are “African”. No matter what people call it, these are my lips and, as time went by I have learned to love them. I used to think that I should stick to pastel, soft colors to take focus out of them. Lately I have been pushing the envelope when it comes to making my lips the statement of my make up.

 Take a look!

imageAll lipstick colors in the above photo are KIKO Make Up Milano. Check my Pinterest to know which!

Full lips and bold strong colours did not seem to be my fit. Guess what? They are! It takes some getting used to. But above all, it takes attitude. And, if you ask anyone that knows me, I got loads of that!

But let me get back to you.
Have you been thinking about taking a RED chance and making your lips picture perfect, delicious looking and incredibly attractive? Well, let me give you some little tip when it comes to…

                                     CHOOSING THE RIGHT RED FOR YOUR SKIN TONE


As for any other color, these are my  3 Key Steps which I strongly recommend:

  1. Go for it! Choose the bolder color you want to try, and buy it from a cheaper brand (to not waste money). Make sure it is still a good brand, so you can have a good idea.
  2. Take it for a spin! Try it on in one of those days you will spend the morning or afternoon at home. Let your lips get use to it and your eyes adjusted to seeing that color on you.
  3. Let it shine! Now that you got used to it, match it up with one of your great outfits and go out! Watch the heads turn as you walk by feeling confident.



With these tips you are good to go, but what brands have great colors? These are the brands TheConfashionary recommends:

>15 Eur: Kiko Make Up Milano, Sephora and Inglot

15-30 Eur: Nars, Make Up Forever, Urban Decay, Bare Minerals

< 30 Eur: Dior, YSL, Bobbie Brown, M.A.C.


Next step? Easy! Select the color and make it your summer statement. Don’t be shy. Be bold! But above all, be You! Everyone else is taken 🙂