The B in Burberry

It is undeniable that the success of a Fashion House is directly connected to their Creative Director/Designer. We have seen it happening over and over again. What we don’t always see or know is the details involved on these contracts, partnerships, collaborations.

But how to determine the value of someone’s input? I say, look at the stats. See where it was before and where it is now and do the math. That is the case of Burberry and their crown jewel.

Christian Bailey joined Burberry in 2001 for the Designer Director role. In 2004 he became Creative Director and in 2009 Chief Creative Executive. Wow, right? 



13 years later, he is still the talk of the moment and more so over the last weeks thanks to the “crazy” for some, “exciting” for others, offer made by Burberry to keep their golden boy, literally, in the House!

Wondering what is the reason of all this fuss? Let me take you on a Back to the Burberry SS Past 2009-2014!

The Boho-oh-so-Chic SS2009

The Girly SS2010…

The Power-Puff-Woman SS2011…

The Modern 50’s Woman SS2012…

The Cannes SS2013…

The Cotton Candy SS2014…

And then there was light, right?!

No matter what you do or where you work, quality, talent, vision, genius and style is undeniable, unquestionable and impossible to move away from. So keep showing it.

The way I see, the B in Burberry comes from Bailey.



To know more details on this piece, check the fabulous article by Imran Amed at Business of Fashion HERE.