Yves Saint Laurent

On Monday’s we go to the movies, so this post couldn’t be a better opening for this week.

It is not the first time, and perhaps it won’t be the last, that a movie is made on the life and achievements of the great artist, designer, fashion visionary that Yves Saint Laurent was.

Representing an unquestionable mark in Fashion History, and inspiration for many, there are many dimensions to the life and person of YSL and talented film directors insist, quite smartly, on going through the layers of one of the most iconic designers.

This year Jalil Lespert premiered the latest movie on YSL life, simply called Yves Saint Laurent (watch the official trailer).

Surprisingly as it may be, today I would like to take you back to a movie from 2010: L’Amour Fou by Pierre Thoretton.

A moving, profound, filled with love movie about the man, in the intimacy of his life with friends and his life partner Pierre Bergé. Like special guests, we were invited to embark in this journey of the days preceding the auction of his most valuable art items and listen carefully to Pierre Bergé’s thoughts and memories on their intensely lived love relation.


Whether after or before you watch the fabulous and acclaimed by critics movie by Jalil Lespert, I recommend you taking the time to be immersed in this heartfelt filmography journey by Pierre Thoretton.

This love was a work of art and the most intensely lived by Yves Saint Laurent.


Thank you, Yves.