Skirts: Mini, Midi, Maxi… and More!

Every season there is THE item that guarantees that no matter where you go, what accessories you put on, or what hairstyle&makeup you go for, it will make you shine.

Do you know the “Eeny, meeny, miny, mo” children’s counting rhyme? Well, let me give it a grown up twist:


Whether you chose to make it the foundation or the star of your look, it will always work. From street style to red carpet style, there are hundreds of different, fun, classy and feminine  ways to make this look work for you.

Still in doubt? Needing some tips? Well, you came to the right place. Let’s start with…


If there is one fabulous thing about the summer is that you get to show off your legs, tanned, golden and glowing legs! Still, there are a few rules to keep in mind:

Belts: mini skirts can be incredibly chic and girly. Belts are priceless accessories to add a glam-touch to your look. Play with colors, animal prints and shapes. Still, keep in mind that your start piece is the skirt and don’t over do it with a crazy big belt.

Shoes: the advantage of a high-waist mini skirt is that it will make your legs longer. For the Tall ones, beautiful flat sandals will make you look classy, yet fresh. For the petite ones, like my self, mid-heel and pointed toe pumps can be the key to elongate your figure.

Tops: because you are showing a good deal of legs, better keep you tummy hidden. Tucked in tops in bold colors, stripes, romantic sleeves will give you the perfect feminine look this skirt is intended for.


If you are thinking this is way too classy for your daily life and your own style, think again. It is true there is a good deal of 40’s and 50’s elegance to it, but with the right styling you can tone that done and make it your own.

Make it your own. if your style is a more modern and street one, do not worry, you can still make it work for you. In denim or jersey, pleated and flowy, subtle and nude colors style it with strap on flat sandals, tucked-in tees with cool sayings and pony tails or braids. You will tone the “that’s my mother look” down.

Full or Pleated? if, like me, you love the 50’s flare, both options work. A full midi should be the focus of your look, so make sure your top lets it shine. Pleated midis have more of a boho-chic vibe to it, so explore it with the right colors and accessories.

Color block. from all the ways this skirt can be worn, the color block is my favorite. Add a stripped or polka dot top and it will look even better. In this case, I give you green light to show off a bit of tummy, but make it with style. if in doubt, tuck-in!


One of my first posts precisely two years ago was about Maxi Skirts. As you can see, some trends came to stay. How to make this one work?

The right length. Be Greek, not Middle Age. Meaning, let your feet make an appearance, especially when your perfectly pedicured nails are eager to be noticed. This goes for the right shoes as well.

Flats or Heels? Both! For a more boho-chic look, go for nice flats and long necklaces, bracelets and stripped purse. But if you want to style it up, choose some nice heels, wear your hair up, add a glamorous little summer jacket (sequins or leather can do the trick) and let your maxi make you shine.

What about petite women? It is just about finding the right skirt and that means: the right fabric. Go for something light, that will elongate your figure, not make it puffy. And once again, tucked in tops are the safest option.

I got one option for each in my closet. Ok, I got more than one.

What about you? What style suits your skirt-needs?