Who wears short shorts?

Every Summer there are look trends that keep everyone happy.

This season, you can go both ways: long and short. It is all about having fun, playing with your hair, its textures and getting creative with bold colors, pastels or highlights.

But wait, you thought this was a clothing post? It is. With a twist, which couldn’t be more appropriate!

As I walk around the city I noticed that for each short hair look there is a shorts style look.

If you already got the hair cut that gave your image a trendy makeover, it is about time to find the perfect matching shorts style to make your full look pop even more. Check some of the suggestions that Net-a-Porter – The world’s premier online luxury fashion destination, as they call themselves – puts at our disposal and… Make your pick!

Short&Shorts_Look1 Short&Shorts_Look2 Short&Shorts_Look3 Short&Shorts_Look4 Short&Shorts_Look5 Short&Shorts_Look6 Short&Shorts_Look7



I hope so. Going short is not for everyone. It is a bold move, but this is certainly the season to go for it! Share your comments and looks!

My favorite shorts are these Balmain encrusted leather shorts. They are pretty fabulous, don’t you agree?



And have fun with your makeovers and Happy Summer Days!


 Shorts styling looks and photos from Net-a-Porter official site. All rights reserved to Net-a-Porter.

Photo set up by The Confashionary. All rights reserved to The Confashionary.