Mag Time: 100 Homens Sem Preconceitos by Máxima

The well-known Portuguese Fashion&Lifestyle Magazine had an idea that is dear to all women: High Heels. So what, you say? Let me try this: 100 Men in High Heels for Women Rights. I bet I got your attention now!


Máxima invited 100 Portuguese Men to be prejudice-free and wear heels to know how it feels to, literally, be in Women’s shoes. But not just any shoes, the 100 have the privilege to wear Luís Onofre, our 2014 Golden Globe Fashion Winner, and one of our most loved shoe designers.


They certainly lived up to the part putting them on, posing with pride and style, and making their voices heard on important matters to Women’s Rights such as gender discrimination in the working place, domestic violence, women exclusive contraceptive measures, female genital mutilation, reconstructive surgery, among others.

10 Men and 10 Interviews have already been published, enjoy reading through them here.

The initial 10 counts with: Luís Onofre (Shoes Designer), Jorge Corrula (Actor), Kalaf Ângelo (Musician), Kevin&Jonathan Sampaio (Models), Duarte Vilar (FPA – Family Planning Association CEO), Manuel Alves (Fashion Designer), Samuel Úria (Musician), José Rosa (Plastic Surgeon), Gonçalo Uva (Rugby player), Ruben Alves (Film Director) and Ricardo Carriço (Actor).


During 2014, the remaining 90 Men and Interviews will be published. At the end of this journey, Máxima will organize an exhibition and publish all images compiled into a book. Sales will revert to Associação Laço (Portuguese Pink Ribbon) and their research towards finding a cure for Breast Cancer.

Beyoncé sings “Who Runs the World? Girls do!” Well, it is my belief, or my desire, that more than running the world women may find their place in it, with the opportunities, respect and privileges that are rightfully ours.

Don’t you?




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To learn more about Women Rights visit the Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch websites.