Over the past weeks my email has been bombarded with DIESEL related content: new men’s collection, new women’s collection, runway show in Venice and more! When I was ready to write about all something else came up.

Diesel Logo

From Molvena, Italy,  brought by Renzo Rosso – Founder and President – in 1978 comes this denim brand, mainly targeted to young adults. In an industry that seemed saturated by brands like Levi’s, Wrengler, Dickies, Lee, Dockers, Pepe Jeans among others, DIESEL managed to do what Italian brands do best, finds a new voice, make a statement, create Diesel Female, Diesel Male, Diesel Black Gold, 55DSL – a website/shop/blog; worth the visit! -, Diesel Kid and Lifestyle established itself not only as a jeans brand but also as denim artist that has a strong expression in the accessories area as well.

So when we thought we might have seen it all… JOGG JEANS!

Jogg Jeans_1


Can I bet that, like me, you never thought an arabesque could be done in denim?

Through a captivating and dance inspiring video by Jacob Sutton A-Z of Dance, in LA for i-D magazine, we go all the way from the arabesque to the chicken noodle soup, grand jeté, harlem shake, krumping, memphis jookin’, twerking, rumba… in a total of 26 dance styles that gives us only a glimpse of what one can do dancing in a pair of innovative Jersey+Denim Jogg Jeans that look like denim, feel like denim but a 360º strecht like jersey. Yes! Diesel is hands on at keeping its focus on innovation and creativity combined with style!

You doubt my word? Take a look at the Making Off


 and then Watch the Video

If you are a dancer, run to the stores and get your pair! They got me. Then again, DIESEL always does!


Petra, La Confashionista

p.s. this post is dedicated to my Sister and all the dancers that work with her!


Photos from official DIESEL website and Press Release provided by SHOWPRESS.PT Team. All rights reserved.

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