Hefty Bags. A must-follow-trend to follow?

In a few months it will be the 2nd anniversary of The Confashionary and as the months went by in this love relationship – because trust me it requires a good amount of love -, adjustments were made to figure out what WE were all about.

Writing about trends? Yes, it is something I like every now and then, but only when it adds value to me as a fashion researcher and you, my dear readers. I want to provide you with good quality analytic fashion journalism. And with that spirit in mind let me tell you about the…



Yes. It looks like a trash bag. It serves to take the trash out. It is a trash bag but for some reason a few designers took the sentence Finding beauty in strange places, too seriously this season. Come and take a look:

Surprised? Don’t be. Fashion is ART! And Art is, at times, strange, difficult to understand and not always, how can I put it?, appealing to every taste. The hefty bags appear in different ways to carry it, different materials and even sizes but the idea? Well that one is the same one: Hefty Bag for the Spring-Summer this 2014 for all! Love it or not!

But if you think it stops there. No, no! It goes all the way up to the outfits. Take a look at this one worn by our dear Rhianna and you know how much I am not a celebrity follower, but I had to share this one with you. It’s an oldy, but it is an hefty!


So now the question is, how hefty do you feel this Spring? And if you feel a little bit hefty, how hefty would you go? Please share with me. I share with you. I am not going hefty. No-No! Definitely not my cup of tea. But hey, you never know!! Please share your thoughts, that is what comments serve for. Use and abuse them!!







All rights reserved to rightful owners. Photos from my Pinterest account! Any questions or concerns with using these photos on my blog please contact me.

Also THE CONFASHIONARY recommends the following article: http://www.nytimes.com/2013/10/10/fashion/trash-bags-you-wont-throw-out.html?_r=0



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