1 Month. 31 Days. 31 Kisses in images. Joy!

For the past 4 years I have lived abroad but the last months I have been in my country. One would think it is the easiest thing. Coming home, being with friends and family, at home, visiting all my favorite places, catching up in real life… Nice plan, huh?! The thing is, I was actually away for nearly 1.500 days, give or take, from all of that:  friends, families, routines, parties,gatherings, dinners, favorite places and I cannot get those nearly 36.000 hours, give or take, back and simply… catch up!

Basically because I have to catch up with…me!

Some time ago in Utrecht, when getting home, no one to welcome me – I lived alone – I did a quick mental math only to realize it had been 4 weeks since my last hug. That got me thinking about the nature of Touch. Kiss. Proximity. Feel. Being Felt. About  living without it… “One would think it is the easiest thing!” and that same One would be wrong. Humanity.

In March every day I posted a photo of a kiss. Romantic or not. The Art of it. The concept of it. Who knows how many kisses inspired a collection and how many brilliant dresses earned a passionate kiss?

These were the kisses I shared on my personal Facebook page and I guess I was not the only one thinking about its importance and magic, since the video First Kiss by Tatia Pilieva  was launched, and soon became viral, during it! Great minds…? Go see it.

I hope you enjoyed it. I loved doing it.

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