Who can resist a Perfect Cupcake?

I have a dear friend that often asks me: “What do you see that is so alluring about cupcakes?” 

Hum. Truth is, I find it hard to explain because it is not just one thing. The colors. The perfect look. The delicate way it stays waiting to be enjoyed. It’s everything! And you know who loves to do enjoy them? (read the in the middle card, read the card!!!)

My favourite? Red Velvet! My favourite store? Magnolia Bakery at 401 Bleecker St. in Manhattan, New York.

However now, I happen to have an answer for that friend. What do I see that is so alluring about cupcakes? The new KIKO MAKE UP MILANO Nail Lacquer. It’s Cupcakelicious!



The good news is that it comes in 10 fan-tas-tic colors (check below) the bad news is (check above) it’s limited. But hey, I say, that is also part of the fun. I mean, we don’t want everybody to have what we have, do we?! Nope!  Look at the looks, they alone look delicious. But ATTENTION! You CANNOT eat them! Just get your fingernails to look yummy!


Like this you can’t see it well, but the KIKO team was kind enough to give us a better view on the final look.


They will look great on you and if you are uncertain on how to apply them because they are so grainy, just ask one of the KIKO Team and they will show it and give you all the tips you need, that is what I do and so far I got all my tips right. You know I am a KIKO girl.

My favourites? Because of my darker skin color Jasmine, Apricot and Pistachio. And that’s because I can’t say All!

You can’t go wrong with KIKO!

Let me know what colors you went for and how it looks on you!

Much love



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