The last day is here. The Abba sang it and Madonna re-sang it “Time goes by, so slowly!” When it come to Fashion Weeks, we’d need them to make us a new song, because trust me when I say it, it is NOT how we feel it!

The best thing though is how do you make the most of YOUR time at a Fashion Week? If you were at Moda Lisboa VISION Edition AW 2014-15, what did you do? Who did you see? Who did you love? I know, but for now, I will keep my secrets.

Nevertheless, I will tell you all about DAY 3 at Moda Lisboa VISION!

Full schedule for us starting with Nuno Gama, followed by Aleksandar Protic, Ricardo Andrez, Pedro Pedro, Dino Alves, Miguel Vieira and, a designer we had been missing, Fílipe Faísca who cause quite an impact and close the show in extreme old glamour style! My handfull of style, glamour and beauty for the last day were…. (READ BELOW!!)



When you come to this designer’s show you know you have to be prepared for the unexpected. This time the show was outside and horses and trumpets welcomed the designs for the colder season. Men, you have no excuse to not walk in style like the king of some Scandinavian fortune.

As always NUNO GAMA offers a variety in his pallet, blue, black, grey, graphite, teal and oxidized orange… Just like in pieces: jackets, pants, suits, sweatshirts, knitwear, fur long jackets, blazers, shoes, casual and formal options that can be dressed up and down as you wish. All with the symbol and a clear Portuguese identity. This time, NUNO GAMA presented the audience with beautiful gowns.

The show ended with men with shirts – something I personally appreciated and found much more tasteful – and the ladies, in their princess gowns, duly accompaignied by gentlemen in horses.



An incredibly talented designer, found his inspiration this time on Manga heroines and represented that through dark colors like black, brown and blue ash grey and materials like wool, cotton cashmere, leather and silk to make each garment he had visualized perfect to our eyes.

Perhaps it’s because I am a Manga fan and also because secretly I always wanted to be a heroine, but I related to this collection and hope this winter I can dress in Manga Protic. We are preparing an interview for you to

be published at The Fashion Hive.

For now, do visit the videos of the catwalk shows HERE.


The show starts with a splash of a beautiful pink, followed by orange,  burgondy, emerald green, chocolate brown, beige into a sandish grey that closes in a darker tone and three Greek looking dressed in dark gold. All pieces are easily wearable and accessible to be conjugated to our wardrobe.

Inspired by the work of north-american photographer Diane Arbus, you can easily related to the “game” played between soft and heavy, hard and light, elegant and complex and in every shape you see PEDRO PEDRO’s vision and hand in the materials chosen (wools, cashmere, nylons, jerseys..)


We are preparing an interview for you to be published at The Fashion Hive. For now, do visit the videos of the catwalk shows HERE.


Allow me to do this: Let us look at this incredibly beautifully made, thought of and detailed collection that MIGUEL VIEIRA brought to us on the DAY 3 of Fashion Week, right when the curtain is about to close.

This is a designer like a good wine or a good perfume or a good restaurant where you know that you will have the very best. Sure, you may say you cannot fully dress on MV. I sort of get you. Still, what MIGUEL VIEIRA is telling us is a story of tuxedos and oversized but glamorous and elegant jackets that are pieces you want in your wardrobe. No detail is left to chance. The pallet itself shows it, in dark greys and shiny blacks and midnight blues, through wool and jacquard, jewelry and accessories carefully put on the right piece, you are told a story that could be in Lisbon, London, Paris, Milan or NY. The same Woman. The same Man. The same Glamour.

Watch the video of the catwalk shows HERE!

Thank you, Miguel Vieira for keeping every show a dream!


And le grand finale falls in the talented hands of….


A designer that had been missed brought models that had been missed as well, each one telling a story, their own and the one of the clothes they were wearing.

A different shilhouette, a different pallet, a different style. Still, everything worked, perfectly. Gothic black, Yellow Dijon,  Red Traffic, Blue Enthropy and Inox. This is the combination in  wool, mohair, silk, viscose, neoprene and fur that FÍLIPE FAÍSCA showed, look after look to our amazement and joy to see faces from the past that reminded us what fashion was all about, what VISION we had about fashion.

You look and wonder, Does it all make sense? Perfect! And every second of it lasted the almost 30 years that have been since Super Models where IT and the entire world revolved around them. With this collection, we are reminded of the beauty and art that exist in the VISION of an artist and the pleasure of being sitting there, on the last day to see magic being wrapped up by a magician, Fílipe Faísca!

To see the rest of the looks go HERE!

Fashion Love from Lisbon!


All Photography and Video Rights reserved to Moda Lisboa!