ModaLisboa | Day 2 – Do you have the VISION?

Day 1 goes by so fast, the encounter with old friends from previous season, picking up your credentials, finding the new organization and learning who are the new sponsors… Yes! Next thing you know, the evening is over and your home.

You wake up and it hits you: MODA LISBOA VISION | Lisbon Fashion Week – VISION Edition has started and you are part of it! We, at The Confashionary, are!

The day goes a bit faster since there are many things going on. Our day starts with a nice cocktail to allow the International Press Team to meet outside the venue environment and also to be able to learn more about Portugal and Lisbon. But the clock is ticking, it is 3pm and we should be back at the catwalk.

Catwalk room, where we spent most of the three days. Loving it!!!

Catwalk room, where we spent most of the three days. Loving it!!!


This is one of those designers that thinks and takes care of each detail and who takes the introduction of his collection as a highlight moment for his fans and followers.

A rich pallet of clay pink, sky blue to midnight blue, charcoal – the idea of smoke and clouds –  and black in X and H forms to allow the precious godet and jarbot work to shine.

NUNO BALTAZAR did not move further from what is his usual preference in terms of fabrics, wools, viscose, jacquards, velvets, exterior felts and silk crepe de chine – with and without print –, organza and mud silk. Beautiful shoes wear with metallic details, clutches and shopping bags, as well as eyewear.

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Corsets, jackets, skirts, high wasted pants and evasé skirts. All with the touch of class and glamour that this designer keeps on enchanting us with.

All this, the colors, the shapes, the volumes, passed in front of our eyes to the loud and perfect sound of waves as a woman read the poem of the great poet Sophia de Mello Breyner Andersen, “Mar Sonoro”. The show ended to the equally loud sound of our clapping hands! Watch the video HERE.



This is the second time we have the privilege to see this young but incredibly talented designer showing his work, and this is his third collection. Luís Carvalho, constantly inspired by the nature that surrounds him. For the fall season he had a minimalistic approach in shapes and forms adding, in the middle of the black, teal and white the bright read with a very minimalistic print.

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We had the privilege of interviewing Luís Carvalho, and that interview will be released in due time. For now, do visit the videos of the catwalk shows HERE.


One of the most renowned, recognized and well established designers in Portugal, showed his collection right after showing it in Paris. Luis Buchinho is passionate about his work and there is no doubt about that once the show starts.


His pallet started with color block in pink-blue-black, that later evolved to knittwear in shapes that even though in materials we normally do not expect to see with his name on it, we identify, we recognize as his, because the talent and the quality of each item is present and undeniable in every coordinate we saw.

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The versatility of the pieces, of the colors and the shapes make us dream of a distant fall that will be covered in wools, cottons and felts.

Yes, as usual, LUÍS BUCHINHO made us proud. No doubt there. And, as usual, we had the pleasure of starting an interview that will end at his atelier and will soon be published right here, for your delight! Watch the live show HERE.


A long day of shows that also included LIDIJA KOLOVRAT, SAYMYNAME, guest Polish designer ŁUKASZ JEMIOŁ and RICARDO PRETO. Just like DAY 1 started in style, these were, in our opinion, the highlight shows of DAY 2 of Moda Lisboa VISION | Lisbon Fashion Week A/W 2014-15. And the lights were off, the crowd leaving and doors shutting behind us with the promise that DAY 3 would be even more awesome!

Fashion Love from Lisbon!

Petra Vaz

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