ModaLIsboa | VISION | Day 1 – FashionWeekFriends!

The moment you stop at Páteo da Galé you know something has changed. Close your eyes and you will feel it in the air. A certain buzz, fuss, vibe in the streets that cannot ignored, like a tornado that takes you by surprise! Yes, ModaLisboa VISON Ed. – LisbonFashionWeek has started and for 3 days you will not be able to run away from it. More! You will not want to!

The Fashion Week Friends – FWF – meet again, with hugs and smiles and authentic joy for the days to come. (Un)Invitedly and parading their Press, VIP and Club passes, they are also the experimental human capsule collections parading from the streets to seets and all the privileged areas. Setting the tone of what les connaisseurs de mode say that should be worn.

This 1st Day began as usual with the New Designers introducing their mini-collections and hoping, like we do, to be part of the elite of respected and admired designers.


Valentim Quaresma showed us his beautiful and delicate jewelry pieces to be used as fabulous accessories to complemented and embellish our garment.




However, if you as me, your fashion correspondent, the surprise and highlight of the night was, the eccentric, tribal and original visuals that were delicately but strongly enough to move us, by Alexandra Moura. A brilliant an criative designer that rarelygives interviews, gave us an exclusive 3 minute interview about her inspiration. So today, I give you only some of the most beautiful looks.



The first day at ModaLisboa VISON Ed. – LisbonFashionWeek started in style, on time and in a beautiful way. Promising! Let’s see what they have in store for us tomorrow. I will make sure to keep you posted.

Fashion love from Lisbon!

Petra Vaz,

Photos from Moda Lisboa, all rights reserved to Moda Lisboa. Please visit Daily Moda Lisboa to see more about the event and the designer.