You met the Mandatory Trend?

The definition of tend is:

In the Fashion World it means even more because seasons revolve around them. There are even TV Show about What (Not) To Wear, Best and Worst Looks all around the global catwalks.
This to say that for such a little 5 letter word the meaning it carries on its should its a pretty big one!

But you must be wondering, what trend could I be possibly be talking about that all the other bloggers in the world haven’t done so yet? SS’14? Nope! Pitti Uomo? Nope! Milan? Paris?New York? No. No. And no.
I see you can’t guess, so here it is:

LISBOA FASHION WEEK VISION Ed. Fall-Winter 2014-1510


A trend I have been following, season after season,and lately. Since the last edition, EVER.NOW., The Confashionary has become the official correspondent for The Fashion Hive working side by side with an ocean between us covering the latest news in the beautiful fashion capital of Portugal, Lisbon!

We proudly and excitedly bring you the latest news from the catwalk and the streetwalks, yes, fashion is there too. We share the vison of the designers and we share the VISION of the Portuguese Fashion.

So whether you are in NY, Lisbon or anywhere else in the world, Frances and myself will make sure to keep you up to speed with all there is to know and love and dream about in these 3 magical days at the Páteo da Galé.

If you are in town, take a second to stop by, take a look and feel like you could be in any other fashion capital of the world. You see, we may be small but in 1400 we took on the brave waves and now we are taking the brave trends. We always had the…


See you at Fashion Week from Fri. 7th- Sun-9th through TC and TFH Posts, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter!

Images by: Moda Lisboa

Program by: DailyModaLisboa

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