Show Off Your Legs! (Episode III)

Summer days are over, even though here in Portugal we are being blessed with lovely sunny days that take us back to the beach. Autumn is here and is looking good. Now, it is true that we cannot keep Summer alive but we certainly can enjoy his golden kiss for a little while longer.

So, after two posts with tips and recommendations on best looks to show off your legs, here comes the third and last one:
Let’s talk Leg Beauty!

If you, like me, are not all blessed with Naomi Campbell or Cindy Crawford perfect-endless-legs, we can try to make ours look just as good and healthy. How? Check these 7 tips:

1. Exfoliate: cleaning your legs of dead cells is nothing you haven’t heard before. But seriously, how often do you do it? If you are cutting your budget in 1/2 these days I have a few homemade recipes that will work just fine:

Brown Sugar and Avocado

– 5 spoons of brown sugar (the grainy type); 5 spoons of honey (for normal skin) or 5 spoons of almond oil (for dry skin) and 1/2 avocado.

After mixing all ingredients – and make sure you do it right before you take your shower – spread them through both your legs and rub it in circular moves. Rinse it with tepid water until all is removed.

Yogurt and Honey (for dry skin)

– 1 natural yogurt, 5 spoons of honey and 5 drops of lemon juice.

Mix it all and let it rest for  minute before applying all over your legs. Massage and rub it, if you have luffa gloves, use them to make the rubbing more intense. With tepid water clear it all, carefully and softly massaging it off.

Sea salt and Liquid soap

saltandliquidsoap– 2 tea spoons of sea salt and add liquid soap – preferably a hydrating kind

The technique is the same for the previous. Choose a neutral but hydrating liquid soap to ensure that while you are exfoliating you are also hydrating.

2. Bedtime Massage


Our legs are our support and keep us, literally, going everyday and everywhere. Before you go to sleep, while you are watching your favorite TV series, take your super hydrating and toning lotion – preferably a specific night lotion – and while you apply it, massage it in circles, softly, no need for pressure. Pamper your legs!

3. Keep your legs rested


You had a long day? Heels and walking around non-stop? Then… stop! Lay on your bed or coach and lift your legs, allow your blood to move around and bring the oxygen. Make that your moment as well. Close your eyes, meditate, read your favorite magazine, talk to your boyfriend. Whatever helps you relax, but with your legs UP! 20min will do and you will feel much better afterwards.

4. Exercise

Want to kick the cellulite, tone your muscles and make your legs look hot, defined and elegant? Do exercise. My favorite is running, but hey, everybody has their own favorite. Go to the gym and take a Zumba class or aerobics, go swimming, whatever is your cup of tea, but make sure you take time to exercise. It won’t be only your legs keeping healthy and in shape. No time, check out Victoria Secret technique…with stillettos!

5. Cold Shower


Shivers? Well, trust me, it works! Hot water feels delicious, I know. But it keeps your skin soft. So, use slightly colder water while fully showering and then finish your shower with cold water from top to bottom 10 times each leg.
6. Sun kissed legs all year-long?

To keep you tan, there are simple things you can do with nice brands that are budget friendly. Take a look on a few!

7. Show them off!!!! Yep, after doing all the above, go back to the previous two posts and wear the dresses, skirts and jeans that will let everyone see how leg-blessed you are! Everyone will be looking at them! But above all… Have fun!