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When women feel blue there are several things that can make them feel slightly better. Most of those “things” involve spending money. If you are a guy you are nodding. Temporary or not, the blue state may hit you in an unexpected way and very few things can boost up your mood like being taken care of.

In my case feeling beautiful, gets me off that mood. This time Royale the Hair salon, was my partner in getting out of the blues and into a nice look and healthier hair.


The original Facto Lab had a privileged river view by Santa Apolonia. It was a trendy hair salon with hairstylist “slash” hair-artists that could read your hair and make it work for you in magical ways. One artist for cut, another for colour. Heaven of pampering? Yes it was.

I like to think that they set the trend of trendy hair salons where your visit is more than just the occasional scissor up your split ends. Several places opened up with a nice deco concept, an exquisite selection of international hairstylist and walls covered by top international brands Revlon, Redken, Schwarzkopf. Indeed you were in the hands of wizards of hairstyle. In 2010, when Facto Lab closed and Facto Fetish proved to fall short to the great expectations of the brand, Yolanda jumped in to create Royale.


The hair styling concept was similar. But what made it stand out? An all white decor: white walls, white floors, white ceilings, white chairs, white columns in the middle of the old typical Portuguese construction, white hands holding hairspray, brushes and blow dryers. Yes, all white royalty. Contrary to what you may think, what could be thought of as cold environment, is instead a warm and light filled one. There is a certain magic in the Principe Real neighborhood that stretches all the way there and the Lisbon sunlight invades the walls mirroring in each one the style and glamour of a very fashionable capital.

Nicely welcomed at the entrance by Yolanda, I was recommended to offer my lion hair to the artistic hands of Jenny, the Creative Stylist. After playing with it for a bit and listening to this very demanding, yet confused, client, her advice was: on to a fresher and stylish cut and splashed my curls with light. Check the result (and the happy face!)

photo 2

And if I had any doubt a beautiful French girl came for an appointment and said: J’adore tes cheveux! French approval. Can you ask for anything else?

The blues are far from gone, it’s been a tough couple of months, but the new Jenny-magic-look certainly gives me hope for better days. Plus, I feel like royalety. And that’s a fact!

Visit Royale and get a great look for the rentrée:

Rua da Escola Politécnica, 53-55, Príncipe Real

Tel.: 00351 915 585 547





Photos by Igor Ferreira and Jorge Matreno.