Blogger bliss? Is Cityblis!

If you are a blogger you certainly receive emails saying how awesome your blog is and how much certain brands in the lines of Pinterest, Bloglovin and IFB would love to work with you. Do I see you nodding? Your blog name appears in the subject line and sometimes even your name follows “Hi” or “Dear”. Not to say these brands or approaches are phony, most of the times you get no follow up or answers to your questions.

But, for every form of phony there is a form of bliss and for me it came under the name of Cityblis.


An e-pressroom where bloggers and journalists have access through invitation to the designers selected, allowing an open and positive communication between them for mutual benefit. And if that was not great enough, they have a team that is prompt and proactive in replying to all your questions – for me was Sam Bell. All the emails I have received are well structured and clear, in a way that welcomes you to work with Cityblis and their selected designers – a list that includes our very own Portuguese designer Luís Buchinho.

I have to say I feel priveleged, for the contact and for getting an article published on their website press page, see below and check it here:

TheConfashionary post published on Cityblis press page.

TheConfashionary post published on Cityblis press page.

Good things come to those who wait. Have to believe that! Hope you will hear more from me and my new bliss.

Just one recommendation: as a young blogger, like myself, it is easy to get carried away. So, always get your answers and make sure you want your name and your blog associated to the brand contacting you. 


Important notes: 

The opinion expressed on this post was not requested or paid for by Cityblis.