Is Beauty everything?

é que não ser estupidamente bonita é uma bela perda de tempo: nos dias de hoje e, sendo a vida tão curta como é, é uma bela chatice ter de andar a provar, dia após dia, aos outros o quão interessantes nós somos. Com as mulheres bonitas, é tudo fácil. A pessoa interessa-se e pronto. O resto logo se vê. Blog: Odisseando, post (Não) Ser-se Bonita (click here to read post).

[translation: “…not being incredibly beautiful is a pure waste of time nowadays; and life, being short, simply makes having to prove, over and over again, how interesting you really are, a huge pain. For beautiful women it is easy. People just fall for them. As for the being interesting part… they’ll get to that later.” post: (Not) Being Beautiful]


The above quote is from a friend’s post in her personal blog.

Now you know I have been in reset mode, but some posts and topics inspire us and demand that some silences are broken.

No season like the summer makes us – men included, yes – think more about how we look. being attractive, fit, tanned and beautiful is mandatory. The body-oriented season starts in March when couch-surfers catch a wave towards the nearest gym; streets get packed with get-my-body-in-shape-asap-runners and, suddenly, with no warning, all revolves around getting a six-pack and flat tummies, perfect breasts, cellulitis-free legs and, of course, photos to prove your achievements all over the social media.

Interesting? Strange? Horrible?

None of the above. Beauty is part of life and that is a wonderful thing. it inspires us, challenges us, keeps us amazed in the face of it, determines where we go on holidays, how we decorate our houses, the clothes we wear and even where we eat. We want and need beauty around us.

However, my friend’s post and my own, do not want to convince you that we should strive to be ugly or surround ourselves by ugly things. The point is, if beauty is the commanding element for our natural selection process – dressing, dating, hiring, etc – we might be doomed.  I think Darwin would agreed with me!

I will not go all philosophic about life and inner beauty. Instead, I would challenge us to think about:

how often do we see past obvious beauty? how often do we give the chubby or the geek a chance for the sake of meeting someone who might not be picture-perfect, but me-perfect? how often do we look at ourselves in the mirror and love what we see: the pimple, the stretch mark, the extra weight, the crazy hair, just as much as we love the incredible sense of humor, the creativity, the intelligence, the communication skills,  the ability to dream?


In People’s Magazine 10 most beautiful women 2013, those women are different from the 10 Top of 2012, 2011, 2010… and so on. Perception of beauty changes. All the time. Everywhere.

But the interesting thing is: being the most beautiful man/woman in a room is simply because you feel that way!

So feel it! And be it!



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