Brand alert! The Property of…

Remember when you were a kid and everything you owned had your name on it with a red marker? Sure you do. I do too.

Our names were in every single belonging making us official owners of our treasures, as simple or pratical as they were. I loved it. Plus, my Mom had the best handwriting ever and she always put smiley faces on our names.


Property of makes the sweet memory of the past a classy, trendy and stylish reality for the present for men that make fashion their own private concept.

In the 2006, the designers and cafe owners Peter Teo and Richard Chamberlain, launched their Men’s Bags and Accessories collection under the brand name The Property of.


The idea was to create something functional, easy to use and above all something that could easily be adapted to your own style – we all like the idea of being unique – and that kept trendy men in style but in a comfortable relaxed and personalized way.


Using traditional techniques and a combination of leather and eco-friendly materials, from Singapore, the brand’s main creative and production center, come all the items that you can find in the store and online. A vision that is captivating in its style and a concept that is appealing in its simplicity, Property of… easily goes up the must-have list. From Work to Travel to simple and easy to carry Accessories you can find the right item for your client meetings, your trip adventures or a stylish way to carry your iPad for your Saturday brunches.



With stores in the USA, Canada and all over Europe – Portugal included, it is easy to find them. But if you happen to be in Amsterdam for a visit, go to Herenstraat 2 (litteraly means Gentleman Street), and take your time. Chose your favorite item (or items) and while their being engraved enjoy a cup of freshly brewed coffee, read a magazine or have a nice chat with the friendly staff to the sound of blues or bossa nova.

It is a new era in the fashion industry for men. It’s been so for a while now.

Man do care about how they look. What they carry and how they carry themselves makes a difference, makes a statement. Perhaps this was just what Peter and Richard had in mind. Identity. Men that own their style and own their favorite objects.


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