Show off Your Legs! (Episode II)

Mini skirts! Mini dresses! Mini. Mini. Mini! Your legs will love it and everyone around you too!

Since their 1st appearance they have been the world’s sweetheart and this Spring they will continue to make us fall in love.

On Episode I of SoYL post I talked about Leggings – plenty to choose from. But the SS13 collections make it clear that showing our pretty legs, soon to be pretty tanned, can be done with style and fun. The trends we’ve seen in prints, patterns, colors and fabrics have reached the miniskirts and mini-dresses; so it is up too us, fellow fashionistas, to use them… Crazily! With a sprinkle of taste, of course. The distance from classy to trashy is shorter than a hem up.

I picked a few looks to give us ideas and show that we can easily use this look in a casual, formal and drinks with friends way.

LOOK 1:  Gallery opening this Saturday? I got just the look for you.

Dress by H&M; Shoes by BERSHKA; Necklace and Purse by ZARA and Sunglasses by PARFOIS


LOOK 2: Work day is over. Dinner with friends?

Skirt by H&M; Left side (for dinner): Clutch by ZARA; Yellow earrings by PARFOIS; Shoes by BERSHKA. Right side (for work): Purse and Earrings by ZARA; Shoes by UNITED NUDE; Sunglasses by ZARA


LOOK 3: Busy Saturday: Family lunch followed by shopping afternoon. You can do both!

Dress by H&M. Left side (shopping afternoon): Beach bag by BERSHKA, Shoes by UNITED NUDE and Sunglasses by ZARA. Right side (family lunch): Clutch by ZARA, Flat shoes by UNITED NUDE and Earrings by PARFOIS


LOOK 4: The weekend is too short. Afternoon blogging from favorite Deli and 30-min to get home and change for romantic dinner.

Skirt by BLANCO. Left side (blogging from your favorite Deli): Necklace by ZARA, Beach bag and Platform shoes by BERSHKA. Right side (romantic dinner): Necklace and Envelope Clutch by ZARA, Boots by MICHAEL KORS.


LOOK 5: Show up at work looking glamorous every-single-day. Add some “MK magic” to your look and own it!

Dress by H&M, Bag, Necklace and Sunglasses by ZARA and Animal print boots by MICHAEL KORS.


So, before you go on a shopping spree, check your closet. I am sure you already have most of what you need. Maybe not Michael Kors, but oh well, most of us don’t. Use what you have, be creative and make any of your looks unique by how You wear it!

Last request, feel free to send me an email with your mini (but super) looks! Would love to make a compilation to show here!


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*All articles used in these collages are from the official websites of ZARA, Bershka, H&M, Parfois, Blanco, United Nude and Michael Kors and most of these brands have online shopping sites.