Moss-Testino, perfect mix!

This one is an oldie, I know! Not Kate. The edition!

For the December 2012 cover, Vogue Espana made, what I like to think a perfect wedding between model – Kate Moss – and photographer – Mario Testino.


If you know me a little, you would know – please don’t hate me – that Kate Moss was never my cup of tea. Without denying any of her worldly recognized talents, guess all I can say is that she just never did it for me.

Until December 2012.

I “blame it” on Mr. Testino – whom I unconditionally love, and whose work always reminds me what made me fall in love with fashion in the first place.

And so today, while I was revisiting some of the photos I select for later posts I traveled back in time to December.

The flare, the salero, the attitude, reminded me of things I love, people I love, fabulous cities I had the pleasure of living in and it filled my heart. The beauty of a woman captured in the right light will always be a reason of fascination!