StreetStyle or Designer: Who sets the trends?

I am sure we all know the question: Who comes first: the egg or the chicken?

It seems when it comes to StreetStyle the question is the same:

is the style from the streets that sets the fashion-compass later shown on fashion week catwalks, splashed on magazine covers and transformed into friendly-priced-retail chains? Or the other way around?

There are surely enough opinions out there on the matter, but allow me to give mine. I believe this is indeed a egg-chicken situation. With a twist!

If you have followed the latest S/S13 and F/W14 shows you have probably noticed that very few collections were awe-worthy. They were beautiful and catchy and desirable, but “just” that. What does it mean? That fashion creativity has reached a limit? By all means, No! Simply that with so much that has been done, it is hard to keep it jaw-dropping.

On the streetstyle side of the road, it means that we – fashion “users” – have seen a lot over the years. In a way, and quite ironically perhaps, this fact made us surprisingly qualified to select, combine and define our own style with items selected from all sources and collections.


Further to this, the fact that, contrarily to all the decades until the 1990’s, we are no longer obligated to abide by one style, makes creativity a fountain we can’t help but drink from.

Now, on the designer end, naturally (like in any art) the inspiration comes from what is out there. And what is out there? Us! People that love fashion, that wear it, interpret it, mix it, get inspired by and blog about it.

The way I see it, and that is all this post is about, fashion flows from several sources. It would be limited to expect it to come exclusively from designers and designers would be limiting their creativity if they did not sit somewhere in a busy street in a busy capital, and simply observed people passing by, allowing colors, patterns and prints, their combination, to speak to their inspiration.

You see, my friends, in this case, the egg and the chicken are the same.



Ulyana Sergeenko – designer and big streetstyle setter



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