Show Off Your Legs! (Episode I)

If you had to pick, what would be the favorite part of the female body?

You may like other parts of the female body, you may like other parts f your own body but, if you ask me, fashionably speaking, killer legs make it the top of the list every time.


When the leggings came out big time  we all rushed to get a pair or two. Black, brown, grey and, for the wild ones, blue and green. Luckily those days are gone and standard black leggings are just.. Boring!
Or not!
The sky is the limit when it comes to creating a new print, combining fabrics and mix and matching. Best thing? There are enough choices for everyone and every style.

For the Goth in you…

If you are into Comics and Movies


Are Shinny and Bright your middle names…


You are just Sweet and Cute..

…but also a bit of a Dreamer and Wild Spirit


… believe me! Your leggings wishes will be heard, loud and clear!

Whatever your favorite brand is, they are certain to have heard the legging calling and will have no choice but attend to it. From basic super retail chains to exotic brands or exclusive designers, your are meant to find the pair that turns your world upside town and puts your legs right where they belong:

the center of the attention!


How many pairs do you own?

Keep me posted, for I will certainly keep on posting for you,




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