The Liebster Award

It is the season of awards and the best awards are the ones we receive from our peers, the ones that relate to what we do, to what we love and to what is special to us!

Amongst bloggers there are several nominations and awards that what they lack in golden figures, they (more than) compensate in meaning. TheConfashionary nomination for the Liebster Award came from a fellow blogger – My Little Closet –  who kindly compliments and appreciates this window to my fashion landscape.  Thank you!


This award intends to promote new blogs and get other bloggers and followers to know the great work they have been doing. The rules are simple: upon nomination, the blogger must list 7-11 facts about his/herself, answer 7-11 questions given by the nominator, and come up with 7-11 questions for the 3-5 bloggers he/she nominates.

So… Get set! GO!


1. By the age of 5 I decided I would be: Neurosurgeon, Opera singer and Actress.

2. I was convinced that on my 12th birthday I would become a mermaid.

3. I started talking when I was 9 months.

4. I know all Walt Disney movie songs.

5. In the past 7 months I read 12 books.

6. At the age of 17 I designed a SS collection.

7. I started writing when I was 7 years. It never stopped!


1. Why did you decide to start a blog? Dreams and passions, if kept to ourselves alone, will not take us where we want to be.
2. Which blogger inspires you the most? Imran Amed from BoF.
3. Which accessories are the most important to complete your outfit? Earrings. Feel naked without them and always have a basic pair in my bag if I forget to put on. Thought I would say shoes? 🙂
4. Who is your favorite designer? Coco Chanel. Her vision inspires me all the time.
5. What will you not leave the house without? iPod (one of best gifts from 2012)+the book I am reading + pen to scribble
6. What is your favorite Magazine & why? Can I have 5? Vanity Fair(UK) + Esquire (ES) + Time Out Lisboa + Madame Figaro (FR) + Vogue Portugal – content is excellent, you learn as you read and these are magazines I always want to keep after reading.
7. What is your favorite TV show? Will&Grace, because it always reminds me of my sister!


1. Why write about fashion when “everybody else is doing it”?

2. Print or digital magazines?

3. If you were a fashion article you would be…?

4. If you were a fashion brand you would be…?

5. Favorite fashion quote?

6. Best fashion week is…? Why?

7. What fashion blogger type are you?


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