Moda Lisboa TRUST – Day 3 | Alves.Vieira.WhiteTent.

NEXT PAGE by Dino Alves


For the first time the room was sent in a different way so it is safe to say that we were all pretty curious about what could happen. When lights went out, little kids came along and sat, opened their books and… read the pages in silence.

The kids were from Amadora, one of great Lisbon’s social neighbourhoods, in an inclusive action towards its community. A beautiful gesture and they certainly lived up to the part.

And once there was silence… the show finally began.

To the traditional Winter pallet, Dino Alves added caramel, cerise, lavender and aubergine. In twill, wool, peach skin, silk mesh, cotton, satins the designer playing with volumes through drapings and overlays, with shapes and details, found in sleeves of tops, dresses and jackets, and tried to pass on his “moving on and forward” message.

Personally, some of the details brought me visually to a time of Princes and Princesses, horses and castles. There was a good variety of elements, even if not all completely successful for my personal taste. Nevertheless, even with a more classic color scheme, Dino Alves showed evolution from his previous collection.

CONTINUITY by White Tent

This Fall/Winter collection is a continuity of 2012/13. Remaining true to herself, the brand ensure that those of us that love what they do can find comfort in re-finding items that we love with twists and surprises that excite us. To add a new and fresher look, new materials were added: crepe de chine, camouflage, ton-sur-ton, gold foil printing in jersey and lurex. As for the colors and considering the success this has been over the past FW and SS collections, color blocking was a must. And one I really liked.

What I liked the most about this show was the fact that we could literally wear every single item, with a sporty and casual twist to it but looks that also can be styled up with nice heels or pumps, high boots, cute accessories and you guarantee a chick-casual you out in the town.

WOMAN by Miguel Vieira

The 1st Day of Moda Lisboa was also the International Women’s Day, so it was definitely appropriate that Miguel Viera presented a collection like this. Miguel’s work is unquestionably known by its classical style, the glamour and perfect look of each look we see coming out on the catwalk. The fabrics – silk and cotton sequins, Jacquard, cotton and meshes – and the colors – black, white, silver, Angora, liquorice brown and new gold – chosen, reflected the sophistication that goes through Miguel Viera’s mind when he envisions this fantastic woman in the coming Winter season. Curious? Take a look!

Any favourites?
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