ModaLisboa TRUST – Day 2 | Nuno Baltazar

Near the end of the day, I thought it would be hard for my brain to process and be excited about another set of looks for the Winter; but then again, it is said that we only use a small percentage of our brains, right?

Being out of Portugal has some advantages and one of them might be enjoying Nuno Baltazar live for the first time and allowing it to wrap up an amazing day with items that reflect the level of style and glamour that have always won my heart.


This collection is named after Sally Potter’s movie from 1992 with an androgynous powerful woman as main character. As successful as Nuno Baltazar was in terms of capturing the volumes and greatness of the looks from the movie, I have to say that this collection was, in my opinion, one of the most feminine, sexy and sensual ones I have seen.

Clearly, this is a designer that understands the female body and the sensual and classy woman who lives in it. Wool, silk, viscose, lurex jacquard fabrics in shades of black, caramel, moss, fuchsia, emerald, off white and green give life to Coccon and H lines, to shoulders and sleeves with bouclées details that draw our eyes to its elegance accentuating their glamour. As I saw the models walking by, a name came to mind Ute Lemper and her very old Hollywood glamour photos.  Nuno Baltazar knew how to make this collection extremely appealing visually and interesting to play with and combine with other items we might have already in our closets.

Belts, shoes, boots and clutches in leather in collaboration with Sameiro-Samelli.

Do you love it? I do!


Photos by Rui Vasco [all rights reserved] for Moda Lisboa. If you want to watch the live streaming of this show, visit:
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