ModaLisboa TRUST – Day 2 | Act III

As promised, I am back with more of the Moda Lisboa/Lisbon Fashion Week looks and collections that kept my eager eyes stuck to the catwalk and my head moving, hipnotised, as the models passed in front of them.

In the previous post we left with Aleksandar Protic. Well now it is time for…


The theme was simple: In what you feel, we trust! Mia and Eleutério have clearly shown that presenting a show is… the show! The collection starts in black and white, with a spot of light in the catwalk where models stand; the whiteness of the shirts shining bright, the impact of the round glasses and the stillness of the bodies captures our attention.

From them on, the light is back, the music changes and the pallet joins the transition: burgundy, chocolate, grey add up energy to this young, rocky and grundgy collection. In each piece the word that came to mind is: Attitude! Towards life, towards fashion, towards beliefs. Very wearable, certainly trendy and incorporating many elements that have been around for past seasons, Os Burgueses ensure that style is an option for this Winter.


The North American Indians, the antagonism and simultaneous mix of eastern and weastern cultures, the androginous shapes, lines and forms gave birth to this collection. Pedro Pedro vision of 2013 Winter collection in shades of black, white, caramel, grey and brique in a combination of elements like wool, cashemere, textured silks and fur, stands, the way I see it, in no man’s land. Not feminine enough to be flattering to the female body and figure, with a pallet lacking inovation since when indians come to mind the colors, the feathers, the body art and heavy but artistic jewellery could be an integrant part of the look he went for. In its attempt to remain androginous, it seems to me that the woman inside these clothes was, somewhat forgotten. On Pedro Pedro defense, there is an excellent care with the garments that make them perfect in confection and promising in future notes of inspiration.


Dimension. Perception. Volumes. Texture. Balance. Angles. Lines. These are many of the words that inspired Alexandra’s vision. In a similar color scheme from other collections, this designer managed to present a nicely made  line, with details in the items in line with the piece itself. Silk, cotton, velvet, wool and other material brought to life a multidimensional concept, elegant in the dresses, strong in the jackets and coats, and expressing and clear vision of fashion of the woman who wears it. As usual, Alexandra Moura met our expectations quite nicely and left the audience pleased. The entire look of the models complemented the theme and it was interesting to have womenswear and menswear combined in one. I specially loved the drapping in the skirts and dresses and can only wait for a bolder and more creative side of this designer. Leaving the comfort zone is a challenge, but one that is certainly welcomed.

The pending show of Day 2 will have his own post. Keep following, keep liking, keep fashioning with me!


Photos by Rui Vasco [all rights reserved] for Moda Lisboa. If you want to watch the live streaming of the shows, visit:
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