ModaLisboa TRUST – Day 2 | Act II

For all of us who love fashion and art in general, it is hard to accept we could have something like a sugar rush from “eating too much of it”. Well, ladies and gents, here I am to confirm you can. But, if you are anything like me and you love sugar, rush is all you want!

Day 2 of Moda Lisboa: 9 shows from 12-10 p.m.. I was crazy processing information, looks, styles, comparing previous Winter collections to the ones just shown, preparing interviews and moving from show to show. Sounds crazy? Yep. I prefer amazing!

After Luís Buchinho we had 8 more shows and below you have the summary of the 3 that followed. The rest will come in due time. Enjoy the looks!


Inspired by Men and for Men, Ricardo Andrez brings us an affirmative collection in cooler tones – blues, emeralds, greys, blacks, pastels. The looks were complemented by shoes and jewellery under national labels, namely Senhor Prudêncio and Pedro Sequeira, respectively. The possibility of combining jackets, pants and sweaters, ensures a versatility of looks. A well presented collection, lacking some wow-factor for me, but with a clear note of wearability, versatility and youth to it that the lovers of street style look most certainly appreciate.


The clothes we wear bring us closer to who we are. Who we are makes us choose the clothes we wear. With a fun and happy pallet for a Winter season – navy, plum, caramel, bubble gum pink, black, garnet, prints – I was surprised by the “fresh” skirts, mini-skirts, dresses and mini-dresses, skinny pants, tops and blouses with draping and details in front and back, in fabrics like neoprene, cotton, silk, transparencies and leather, since most of them would need to be combined with a warmer items to face the cold days. Interesting to see a fresher and more youthful pallet that is not, nonetheless, exclusive to a younger audience. The brand is know by its colorful approach, by its prints and the playful way of mixing unexpected colors. In that, we were certainly not deceived. My favorite was the short dress (2nd of 1st line).


After a splash of color comes the sobriety of a softer, colder and elegant pallet. In shades of black, white and brown, with wool, cotton and leather, combining structured and more geometric forms to flowy sleeves with precious details, Aleksandar surprised me with an interesting collection, soft in color and shape. I related to the looks he showed and could see them in my Winter wardrobe. The woman in his head and for who he designs is, still, in search of herself, but had already found her place and identify in fashion. The accessories added life and value to the collection, along with boots by national brands for the final touch. I say, well done Mr. Protic!

Remaining shows from Day 2 and Day 3 will be coming soon. What has caught your eye so far? Which one would you like to have in your wardrobe?  



Photos by Rui Vasco [all rights reserved] for Moda Lisboa. If you want to watch the live streaming of the shows, visit: