ModaLisboa TRUST – Day 2 | Luís Buchinho

Passion. Determination. Revolution. strength. Geometry. affirmation. Beauty.

Luís Buchinho shared with us his vision of a glamorous woman for the A/W 2013 to come and, if you ask me, it was the perfect opening for Day 2 at Moda Lisboa. Take a look at the collection (click each photo to enlarge):

As I waited for the interview with Luís Buchinho I got slightly anxious and nervous but his welcoming energy made this conversation about a shared passion easy, simple and interesting. Read the interview below.
For Luís, the distinctive point between AW 2012 and 2013 collections is the pallet: inspired in the revolution posters from 25 de Abril, his 2013 winter dream gets his strength from an interesting combination of black, white and carnation inspired shades of red;  symbolizing, simultaneously, a delicate and strong identity – undeniably a high note of inspiration for this collection.
Through an open window to the woman envisioned when Luís created his collection, we see an ageless woman, not bound to a body type or specific complexion. More than a look, Luís Buchinho designs for an “internal” woman and in this case a determined, confident and empowered woman, reflecting that in her fashion sense. The clothes become and active complement – and compliment – of who she is. Because the woman Luís imagines is not stuck in a box, the elements of this collection are easily and pleasantly interchangeable, so we become free to combine jackets with skits and dresses and jumpsuits and adapt each look to our own.
From a more masculine universe comes the geometrical lines that do justice to the female body and maintain the element of boldness to this wintery woman in silk organza, wools, tulle, cotton twill, leather and jersey (in partnership with Atb).
Because a collection – and outfit – is never complete without the shoes, different types of boots – ankle, below and above the knee –  become an essential part of this collection. Luís happily found the perfect partnership with Helsar, also a Portuguese brand that captivated the concept and soul of his vision adding a unquestional extra value to each look. I, for once, fell in love and want all models. Last, but not least, the long and classy gloves are also the daughters of another partnership, this time Rasajo who ensure an old glamour that we can’t live without.
Thank you, Luís, for your time. It was a pleasure!
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