ModaLisboa TRUST – Day 1 | Valentim Quaresma

DAYDREAM by Valentim Quaresma

In a beautiful old room, with golden decor, detailed carpets and a fresco ceiling, there we were, expectant to see what Valentim Quaresma would bring as his AW2013 inspiration.

An essentially drum based music started, intense and powerful, and the first look left no doubt that was indeed the message for this show. In leather, fake fur, metals and copper, one by one the daydreams of Valentim passed before our eyes. The image that kept coming to my brain was: Gladiators!

Perhaps, in the present times, that could be the inspiration, bring out the fighter in us and when doing so, look fierce and powerful… like them:

and the designer:


Photos officially provided by Moda Lisboa.

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