ModaLisboa TRUST – Day 1 | Ricardo Dourado

SOWETO by Ricardo Dourado

I love designers that have evolving shows. The color pallet evolves. The style evolves. The music evolves. And we, spectators of their art, evolve with it.

A dynamic and house like song opened the show in white tones, delicate in color only, but strong in lines, shapes and volumes, mixing patterns and fabrics that made white ever more interesting. From there the music changed to something more… musical and the fabrics became heavier, changing the tones to moss, dark grass-green, navy, some copper. Unexpectedly we start seeing what reminded us of african prints in modern designs and so the music, following the fashion, evolved into an african happy drummed tune that got us all moving our heads in approval.

Ricardo set the tone, set the tune and definitely set an “acid”, lively AW2013 line where Nike shoes are the last piece of fashion touch.


Official photos by Moda Lisboa Team.

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