Moda Lisboa TRUST – Day 1 | Ptsazek

WARSHIP by Ptsazel (Guest Designer)

From Poland comes a Menswear vision that celebrates both life and tragedy. Monika Ptsazek‘s Warship tells us the story of men in the Nordic sea, the silence and mystery that surrounds it.

Her looks portray both the adventurous departing and the ones who survived the ship wreck. The materials combined, some looking worn out, even ripped apart, and others fitted almost “bright clean” set the survivors and the adventurous apart. In either case the constant is the well fitted looks, the denim well worked into a shape and form that communicates a style, an attitude,

Blue, navy, black, leather and some sort of rust dust that reminded indeed of all ships lost in some deserted beach with the beauty that lies in the abandonment.

Official photos by Moda Lisboa Team.

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