It’s Lisbon turn! Lisboa Fashion Week

Amsterdam. New York. London. Paris. Milan… You thought you’d seen it all, but you haven’t. Moda Lisboa is about to start! From Friday 8th March to Sunday 10th, Portuguese top designers will showcase their looks and inspirations for the AW season of 2013/14 under the theme:

 Moda Lx

Over the past years it has been clear that a weekend of intense fashion experience is just our cup of tea and indeed the schedule planned for the 40th edition of our very own fashion week sounds promising:


To end this post with excellent news, guess who made it to the Press Team for the 3 days? Your very own Confashionista!

This means I will be bringing you fresh news and, above all, fresh looks from the Portuguese capital catwalk inspired by brilliant and incredibly talented national minds. TRUST me, it will be worth it!

To open your fashion appetite take a look at some “old” looks:

Until then, your Confashionista

For more on Moda Lisboa, visit the official website: