How to say Vintage in Dutch? IJhallen!

Saturday 2nd March, the Vintage adventure began!

7:15am: Get up. Get dressed. Eat something quickly.

8:00-8:25am: Take the bus. Buy train ticket to Amsterdam Centraal. Meet Sheelagh. Take the train. 

At 9:45am I was getting out of the ferry, fingers and toes frozen and hoping the excitment would at some point warm me up. It did. Jorinde and Ferderika joined us and the scanning, scattering, browsing, diving in piles of clothes, shoes, bags; taking off our jackets, scarfs and gloves to try “new” jackets, scarfs and gloves; dressing up and down and laughing at how we looked with some of the clothes that were just too big for us… The hours flew by and it felt like all we were supposed to do that day was live and embrace the vintage.

IJHallen, in Amsterdam North, is the largest vintage fair of Europe and it happens every 1st weekend of the month. Two large wearhouses where ships were build now host what seems to be endless rows of people selling what they have collected, found or enherited over the years, from clothes to furniture to everything that might be someone else’s precious thing. The 4.50 EUR ticket is well worth what you will spend.

With me I brought a few items that I fell in love with and the prices were just unbelievable: Dress – 3.50 EUR, Clutch – 5 EUR; Green top – 3 EUR; Lace shoes – 10 EUR and Boots – 3.50 EUR. Pretty good!!


Now that I know the way I am sure I will come again and more photos and treasures will be shared.