ParisFashionWeek | Ready-To-Wear AW2013

Yes, it is that time of the year where we travel – in person or virtually – from Fashion Week to Fashion Week. Colors, prints, patterns, designs for the upcoming season are shown before our fashion-eager-eyes and we nod in approval, smile in surprise, let our jaws drop in awe with the collections that we fall in love with.

From February 26 to March 6th it’s Paris time again but now…                                                                    Ready To Wear Autumn Winter 2013

The Location:

The Schedule

So far I already have a few favorite looks:


Simple color palette and coats with a touch of glam and expensiveness that looks good on this brand. These were my favorites:



There is something exotic about the fabrics and the way they were put together. For some reason in made me thing of a trip to India where luxurious fabrics are drapped around the bodies.


This collection really impressed me! Who would think of those colors, combinations and fabrics for the winter season? DvN I guess! The featured image is by far my favorite and the pink dress… oh my! I am not even a pink-kinda-of gal but this one has my name all over it. So yes, I am ready-to-wear this collection!


Hope you enjoyed these 1st looks, I will bring more favorites all the way from Paris to Utrecht. Even the virtual trips can be exciting!!