Rock n’Roll Mansion by H&M

Have you ever thought of Rock n’Roll looks … in white? Probably not.

Neither had I. But do you know who did? H&M!

For their Spring collection, the famous brand decided to keep the rocky-edgy-rebel look that has been going on for the past AW season but give it a twist.  Who better to embody that look than Miss Georgia May, lovely daughter of Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall. The freshness of the white, surprisingly, does not wash away the badass girl style that you will definitely get with one of the new looks.

Not so sure? Check them out!

Rockn'Roll_H&M_1 Rockn'Roll_H&M_2 Rockn'Roll_H&M_3 Rockn'Roll_H&M_4 Rockn'Roll_H&M_5 Rockn'Roll_H&M_6 Rockn'Roll_H&M_7

My favorites: jacket, print trousers and white boots!

Prices are pretty inviting so don’t be shy and let the rocker in your shine… in shades of white! Just make sure you also learn the rocker lingo. You have to play the part!

Happy weekend shopping!


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Photos from the official H&M website: