Margreeth Olsthoorn: Avelon Shop-in-Shop

Going alone to a place where you don’t know anyone is hard. But let’s make it double hard, shall we?
Going alone to a place where you know no one and you don’t speak the language. Scary!
Long story short? I had a fantastic time! Long story follows:

Farah Tiwow from Spice PR sent me an invitation to Margreeth Olsthoorn Shop-in-Shop event for Avelon taking place on February 14th, a week ago.

shop invite
I arrived there and was immediately welcomed to a fabulous store right on Schildrenstraat by smiley Dutch guests. They happily introduced themselves and offered me a drink while I waited for PR & Marketing Manager is Daan Berkhoff. I was warmly greeted by Daan who was ready to show me around when Margreeth joined us and kindly offered to give me the grand tour.

In this industry for over 15 years, Margreeth has found her place in Fashion and in this street, a busy and key artistic and business area of Rotterdam. A designer herself, Margreeth accomplishment comes from her space, which serves as home and host of great brands and designers. A sensitive and complete artist, admirer of beauty and creativity, her store has also opened its door to photography exhibitions on photography and capsule collections for student designers.

While explaining her vision of style, fashion, art and how that has been slowly but actively been incorporated in her space, Daan joined us, but not empty-handed! With him was the designer of Avelon, Erik Frenken and I had the enormous pleasure of listening Margreeth and Erik Frenken talk about my, our, art of choice: Fashion. What a lucky girl!

Beautiful Different is the concept of Avelon that Erik Frenken is portraying in his designs. Pieces with which we can identify, that match our conceptual style and which through the deconstruction and recreation of basic elements of our daily look we go from ordinary to extraordinary. A brand with the charisma, edge and a rebel vibe.

Truth is, I could have spent hours talking to Erik and Margreeth but there were other guests. So my guided tour ended and it was time to take some photos.

Take a look!

Close to my purse was a bag Margreeth carefuly and kindly prepared with the lookbook from Avelon, and other things from the store and other brands they work with and promote. Wow!

Fabulous night. It is not every day that you get to be inspired!


Thanks to:

Farah and Spice PR for setting up this fantastic event and inviting me to it. I had a privilege opportunity.

To Margreeth Olsthoorn for her time, kindness and inspiration. To know more about her work, visit her page:

To Erik Frenken for slightly opening the curtain to his world where fabulous garments are created. To know more about Avelon, visit the official website: