Art is… Dance! Pedro e Inês by Olga Roriz

Pedro met Inês when he met his wife to be, Constança. They became lovers before either could prevent it. Willing to give everything and everyone away for the woman who now owned his heart, Pedro’s father, Afonso, a man of power, sent Inês away. Constança was the chosen one. He should have know that love, like water, can always find its way. When Constança died, Pedro went for Inês. In Coimbra, by the river Mondego, Pedro and Inês lived their love and from that three children were born. Afonso fear grew stronger, Inês was no good and his fear ordered her death. The pain of this loss made Pedro pursue and kill the man who killed his beloved and after announcing that he had secretly married Inês 7 years ago, he moved her humble tomb to the Mosteiro de Alcobaça where a beautifully stone engraved one waited for her. In front of it was Pedro’s future tomb, so he could stay, for all eternity, facing his loved one.

It was the year of 1367. This is the true story of a Prince, a King and a Kingdom. This is part of the story of Portugal.

In November 2004, Olga Roriz‘s “Pedro e Inês” for the Companhia Nacional de Bailado came to stage. The beauty and intensity of a legend that is part of Portuguese romantic imaginary came to life through Dance. Olga’s beautiful, poetic and delicate choreography, came to us in a stage of water where this love, delicately expressed in movements and bodies, reminding us that some stories are meant to be told, over and over again – above all, the stories of love.

Olga Roriz, Coreographer

Olga Roriz, choreographer

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