MyMondayLook: The Ombré

Remember when having roots showing on dyed hair was tacky? Forget it! Tacky became Trendy in a blink of an eye!

From the French Ombré – meaning shade or shading – comes la tendence super for your hair. It has been out for over a year, but celeb after celeb insist on showing their ombré looks on the red carpet, so, let’s take a look!

The best thing about it is that unlike those long, blond and straight hair exclusive trends, it really does work for every hair.

Weather secretly wishing to have a surfer-sun-kissed look


…or you feel it is time to let the rocker in you rule


the Ombré style makes any dream possible. Trust me!

My recommendations:

  • Pick a great hairsalon and let them work their magic – If you live in Utrecht or Amsterdam, Kinky; if you live in Barcelona, La Pelu and if you live in Lisbon, MetroStudio.
  • Find the color palette that will bring light to your face.
  • Spice it up! go a bit wild and play with it!
  • If you are a DIY girl, try the L’Óreal Wild Ombré kit. Easy. Simple. Glamorous.



Regardless of what you decide to do – hairstylist or homemade – one thing to have in mind is: keep your hair healthy!


It seems L’Oreal has the answer, once again! Simply add a few drops of the Extraordinary Oil (about 10 EUR) to the palm of your hand, massage and then softly spread it through all your hair, from roots to tips as if your fingers were the brush.

You will notice that your hair will look good and smell good. With a soft scent that mixes well with any perfume you use you will also have a perfect shine without it ever looking greasy.


Well, I believe this MML has a handful of tips. Find a style that works for you, a color that matches your skin and makes your eyes pop and treat your hair with lovely oils. You will look good and feel good!

What about me? Well, my hair now looks like this and I am loving it!



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