Dream a little dream of me

Have you ever had a recurrent dream? One that makes you wonder if there is any sort of secret message on it?

A couple of months ago I dreamt I was working for the fabulous fashion designer Stella McCartney as her PR/Communications Manager. Wow, dreaming big! Well, that dream inspired me to know more about her work and fashion vision which led me to writing the post Stella McCartney Inspiration on November 20th.

Since then I had four more dreams – last of which last night – where I am, again, working for the designer and in every dream I tell her about my previous dreams that have come true.

Don’t worry! I am not a crazy blogger waiting for a call from Miss McCartney saying I am just what she was looking for.

Still, I can’t help but wonder how much of our hopes and wishes – some we haven’t even actually processed in our conscious self – end up getting lost in our subconscious and never really heard, followed, lived?

Dreams move us. Dreams move me. They keep me persistent and remind me of what my passions are. Asleep or awake, we dream, we project and in some cases, that process of projection is how we come up with ideas that take us right where we want to be. And every now and then… even further!

What have you been dreaming about?


“Some may say I’m a dreamer, but I am not the only one”, John Lennon

To know more about Stella McCartney work and her sustainable fashion beliefs, visit her website: www.stellamccartney.com