English National Ballet and Vivienne Westwood

This post is for my sister; a beautiful, graceful and talented ballet dancer that moves me and inspires me.

For their rebranding, the English National Ballet invited the brilliant British designer Vivienne Westwood for a dramatic, poetic and inspiring collaboration.

ENB by VivianneWestwood_1 ENB by VivianneWestwood_2 ENB by VivianneWestwood_3


We danced before language and this is our promise. Through our art we will tell your story. We will dance the times you fell in love. We will dance your dreams and your fears. We will dance your death. Our suspended moments, grand glories, kaleidoscopic whirlings, rats, swans, firebirds, heroes, heroines and tracing of psyche are your mirror. We are not dolls. We are artists, young and hungry. At war with gravity to capture poetry from air. We do not exist to embalm traditions. We exist to cherish them and then create more. We leap and grasp for the new. We are for everyone. Watch ballet and you are not rich or poor. Cultured or barbarian. Brain or brawn. You are human. Full of lust and adventure. We are yours and we are you.

English National Ballet



Photos from English National Ballet official page. To know and read more about the ENB go here.

To know more about Vivienne Westwood fabulous work, visit her official page: www.viviennewestwood.co.uk