If I was a goodie bag

… I would want to be filled with the best possible things!

During AFW I, naturally, collected a few goodie bags and out of all of them, I have to say that the Maidenform goodie bag was by far the best. It contained: tights with animal print, underwear, the sexy type, a fabulous hairbrush, hand cream and even a gift card for 10% of on purchases. Wow!


The difference between goodie bags made me wonder about how brands see, use and benefit from them.

True that we all love going to a show and bringing a bag filled with goodies that we can try. Yes, that is definitely a plus. But, is it just for the audience?

Let me spin this a bit and pretend that I am the Brand or Sponsor of the show. So I put up an amazing show and invite, lets say, 300 people. Wouldn’t I want to amaze the audience from beginning to end? To treat them with exclusive products and make my show memorable?

In that 300 member audience there is press, bloggers, writers, trend setters, people who use social media to blog, tweet, instagram and like the things they try, the places they are, the brands they discover and share that with their friends and followers. So, again, wouldn’t I want each of them to try my brand and share how amazing it is?


I say yes!

Being out there is the only way others can get to know how awesome we are. That goes for every field.  But back to fashion show goodie bags, I am all for making it as good as it can be. Next thing you know your brand is everywhere across the online platforms, just like your new fans.

The circle of Good Business might be one Goodie Bag away!

Word of Confashionista



Featured photo from The Nymag (nymag.com/thecut)

Last photo from LuxQ (luxq.com)