AFW Winter2013: Samsung presents Marga Weimans

It was time for the last show of the Amsterdam Fashion Week Winter Edition and the name on the screen was one:


The pressure was up, and the audience was waiting for nothing but the best, and Marga Weimans lived up to the expectations. Actually, she exceeded them!


When the lights were off her voice was one and her image on the screen. DNA. Social Media. Combination of the elements. In Marga Weimans DNA? This:

Now, I don’t know Marga Weimans nor did I have the opportunity to talk to her. Yet! But I would say that these boxes might be not boxes that keep us but instead boxes that hold creativity, vision, design, art. Purple, red, black, white. Silver platform shoes. Colors and print combined for a statement of architectural fashion.

Marga Weimans, I like how you see art!

To add more magic to this moment, I shared it with my fabulous friend and blogger, Sheelagh Mairi. Check her blog for a Dutch version of fashion:







If you mind me saying, this AFW Winter Edition 2013 was “wrapped up” in architectural style!

Confashionista in loco


Thank you notes:

To Farah Tiwow at Spice PR for getting me on the rsvp list of such a fabulous and inspiring show. I said it before and say it again: the collaboration between bloggers and PR agencies can be a great one!

To learn more about Marga Weimans’ work, visit her official page:

To learn more about Amsterdam Fashion Week, visit the official page: