AFW Winter2013: Dorhout Mees


A bulb-lamp projected, trying to lit up. An idea, a vision, a concept that goes traveling from the brain to the catwalk.
Lights on, ladies and gentlemen, is Dorhout Mees time at the Amsterdam Fashion Week.

With a color crescendo, from white to fire orange, Dorhout Mees combined the lightness of silk (her usual base fabric) with vaporous fabrics and metal belts, leather gloves, platform shoes and, as the collection evolved both in garments as in color intensity, the patterns and volumes changed to state her wintery vision.

Well fitted pants, combined with loose blouses made me look forward to being in this Winter dream in white with splashes of bright orange and different accessories to glam up each look. It seems that Miss Mees had an idea indeed, and a bright one for that matter: combine sensuality, style, sophistication for a strong Winter woman! That is an idea I can follow.







It was a moving show for me and the garments looked so delicate.

Yes, your Confashionista was in love!


To learn more about Dorhout Mees visit her official page and let yourself be surprised.

To learn more about Amsterdam Fashion Week visit the official page:


Thank you notes:

To Ganbaroo PR once more for getting me on the list of this show and others. I was surprised with such a positive response on your end, but very happy for it as well!