AFW Winter2013 Edition: Shani Van Breukelen

Attending Shani van Breukelen show was a pleasant and most welcomed surprise to me.

Based in New York City and having worked as freelance for Chloe, the designer makes her introduction to the Dutch fashion scene at Amsterdam Fashion Week presenting to us her vision of ready-to-wear collection.

Shani van Breukelen plays with layers within the same fabric, with prints and colors and offers options of looks that can easily be taken from Casual to Evening. In either case, all items can be combined with each other for dynamic looks within the same collection and always, always, in a very flattering to the body.

For this FW of 2013/14 Shani van Breukelen opted for a color palette that includes green, caramel, purple and white, moving away from more traditional Winter colors like black, navy blue and brown. Fine by me. I always like to add some color to my Winter looks. The fabrics are also interesting and appealing to the eye and figure, with some silky and shiny elements that glam up your style during the grey days.

Check them below and pick your favorite. You never know when you have the chance to wear your very own Shani van Breukelen piece!

ShaniVanBreuklen_AFW13_1 ShaniVanBreuklen_AFW13_2a ShaniVanBreuklen_AFW13_3 ShaniVanBreuklen_AFW13_4 ShaniVanBreuklen_AFW13_5a ShaniVanBreuklen_AFW13_5b ShaniVanBreuklen_AFW13_6a ShaniVanBreuklen_AFW13_6b ShaniVanBreuklen_AFW13_7 ShaniVanBreuklen_AFW13_8 ShaniVanBreuklen_AFW13_9 ShaniVanBreuklen_AFW13_10 ShaniVanBreuklen_AFW13_10b ShaniVanBreuklen_AFW13_11 ShaniVanBreuklen_AFW13_12 ShaniVanBreuklen_AFW13_13 ShaniVanBreuklen_AFW13_14 ShaniVanBreuklen_AFW13_15


Thank you notes:

To Ganbaroo PR for getting me on the list of this show and others. Your response was very positive and that makes this cooperation so much better!