AFW Winter2013 Edition – Dennis Diem




The stage was set. The show was about to start. The audience was waiting for nothing more than a fantastic collection by Dennis Diem.

Through an imaginary door with male guards in fur hats sitting on sand bags holding flags without symbols, one by one the models came in, in etherial fabrics moving with them as if each garment had a life of its own.

With a color palette of white, salmon, cerize and midnight blue, combining silk and tulle with very well fitted corsets, walking on boots as long as their own legs and with an almost invisible makeup, except for the red lips, the gowns, dressing the models, appeared before our mesmerized eyes blowing us away. I felt at times that I was in a fairy tale or some sort of modern version of the 18th century. In either case, it was perfect.

DennisDiem_AWF_FW_2013_Comp DennisDiem_AWF_FW_2013_5 DennisDiem_AWF_FW_2013_4 DennisDiem_AWF_FW_2013_2 DennisDiem_AWF_FW_2013_6 DennisDiem_AWF_FW_2013_9


I believe I have now won you over and  if not, take a look at the last piece. Fantastic!



DennisDiem AFW, photo by Team Peter Stigter, all rights reserved

A dreamy show that put a romantic touch to this Amsterdam Fashion Week.

Confashionista in loco at AFW



Thank you notes:

To Mandy Meuwese and Ganbaroo PR for getting me on the list of this brilliant show. The cooperation between bloggers and PR agencies can be, as proven, a great one. Let us keep it up.

To Amsterdam Fashion Week for the access to the image bank where I can combine my own photos with the official fantastic ones by Team Peter Stigter.