AFW Winter Edition: Winde Rienstra, Queen of SlowFashion

The Woolmark Company presents WINDE RIENSTRA FW 2013 Col

WindeRienstra_AFW_FW_2013True to herself, Winde Rienstra impressive FW2013 collection was an evidence of her incredible technique, her perfect and intricate designs, and her unquestionable vision that goes way beyond the obvious. Truth be told, our expectations were no different, but still she managed to blow us away. If not us, me, certainly.

The lights faded and shadows came moving in the middle of the catwalk and back to the beginning where they disappeared. The lights went on and at the sound of drums the models started walking, slowly as if hypnotized by the drums to the pure enjoyment of the audience’s eyes and cameras, eager to capture each moment in a perfect shot. There was nothing but the drums, the models walking slowly, perfectly balanced on wooden shoes, eyes covered by white and black painted masks, all perfectly fitting their surreal.

Some of  the looks – like the jumpsuit and the miniskirt dresses – looked like a second skin, well fitted to the body and with a not obvious sensuality to it. The remaining pieces were a statement of her creative vision. In black, golden, fur, fringes, circles and play with volumes, Winde Rienstra brought her vision to the catwalk.

For now, I leave you with a few photos I could take from the show:

WindeRienstra_AFW_FW_2013_1 WindeRienstra_AFW_FW_2013_1_all WindeRienstra_AFW_FW_2013_3a

WindeRienstra_AFW_FW_2013_3c WindeRienstra_AFW_FW_2013_3f WindeRienstra_AFW_FW_2013_4 WindeRienstra_AFW_FW_2013_5 WindeRienstra_AFW_FW_2013_6a WindeRienstra_AFW_FW_2013_6b WindeRienstra_AFW_FW_2013_7 WindeRienstra_AFW_FW_2013_8b

The slow rhythm of the show, the gracefulness of the models on what looked like 30 inch shoes, the structured and architectural design of each garment was incredibly moving and inspiring.

WindeRienstra_AFW_FW_2013_3e WindeRienstra_AFW_FW_2013_hair


A fantastic show that I was incredibly happy to attend. I will keep an eye open for Rienstra and will make sure yours are too.



Thank you notes…

To Roel Ackerman as part of the Cream PR Team  for getting me on the list to attend this fantastic show. Cheers to a long-lasting collaboration!

To The Woolmark Company who sponsored Winde Rienstra show. Supporting the Arts and the artists is supporting inspiration, creativity and evolution.